Individual tours

Individual tours

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  • From Tretyakovskaya to Red Square
  • Arbat and its lanes
  • Tverskaya street
  • From the Red Gate to the Clean Ponds
  • Bulgakov Moscow
  • From Arbat to Prechistenka street
  • From Mayakovskaya to Arbat
  • Moscow Metro
  • VDNKh - the All-Russian Exhibition Center
  • 2,5-3 h
    125 Euro
    9 000 Rub
    150 Euro
    11 000 Rub
    175 Euro
    13 000 Rub
    200 Euro
    15 000 Rub

    + 1000 RUB if the guided tour is organized between 10 pm and 9 am. Remeber: Moscow never sleeps.


    All our walks last between 2,5 and 3 hours (coffee stops are possible).
    Heaps of photos of old Moscow guaranteed at every walk (actually, some walks even feature videos) .
    Loudspeaker can be used for groups of more than 15 persons .

    Watch the city, hear the city, feel the city with the experinced guides. No tourist stuff, just the city as it is.
    There is no better way to get your own impression of Moscow than to walk and look for yourself. Just let us show :)

    From Tretyakovskaya to Red Square

    The best walking tour for first time visitors of Moscow. Zamoskvorechiey - the flat historical district of merchants and artisans - Moscow floods - the Tretyakov Gallery - Soviet writers house - the Demidovs family - Stalin elites house - fountains and picturesque canal and river views - sins of people - the Kremlin as a medieval European fortress - the first monument in Russia - St.Basils blind architects - demolished Russia - Kremlin stars - the main department store. Magnificent views of the Kremlin and the Red square guaranteed.

    Arbat and its lanes

    The central pedestrian street full of performers, history and typical Moscow lanes and squares. Stalin skyscraper of the Foreign Ministry - the house of Pushkin, the greatest Russian poet - Soviet life and things - avant-gard round house of Melnikov - Satan in American ambassadors residence - Havanas houses in the center of Moscow - favorite street of Soviet leaders - cheap dwelling and luxirious appartments - expensive historical restaurants - funny and strange stories of Russian and Soviet history. All you need to know about one of the main districts of Russian capital.

    Tverskaya street

    The Tverskaya became one of the few streets of Moscows center where utopian reconstruction projects were almost completely fulfilled. The history of Tverskaya - the most expesive hotels and cheapest markets - theatrical lane and avant-garde biomechanical performances - moved houses - districts of Soviet composers and artists - Victorian gothic of the 19th century in Moscow - the hisghest Moscow house of the 1910s - Soviet elite houses - former huge monastery - elite McDonalds - ballet dancer on the roof. Russian Broadway or Oxford street inside out. See what is hidden behind the official tourist side of the street.

    From the Red Gate to the Clean Ponds

    The central quiet district between Garden and Boulevard Ring. For those who are fed up with matryoshka, Red square and the Kremlin. Stalin leaning skyscaper and ice age under the ground - monument to guest worker of the 1920s - first Russian skyscraper - Stalin plans of reconstruction - Moscow gothic - Lenin as a child - rocket science - Easter egg of a house - the dirty Clean Ponds - Moscow paganism - oil corporations. Be sure to see the real day to day Moscow life.

    Bulgakov Moscow

    Moscow of the great Mikhail Bulgakov and his famous novel Master and Margarita. Bolshaya Sadovaya, the residence of Bulgakov and Voland - Annushka, tramway and woman - Patriarshiye Ponds - mysterious and tragic monument to Bulgakov - fateful tramway - Margaritas mansion - Bulgakov and Gorky - cursed places of Moscow - Arbat of Margarita and Bulgakov - romantic and tragic love stories - theater in Bulgakovs life - and other exciting things. Strongly recommended for passionate literature lovers.

    From Arbat to Prechistenka street

    For those willing to get deep into Moscow history and way of life The backside of the Foreign Ministry skyscraper - Old Moscow houses, rich mansions and lanes - Foreign literature library and its end in Soviet time - old and new elite houses - Italian mansion - German ambassador assasination - Fridtjof Nansen and Red Cross in Russia - depressed church - Dead lane - frivolous house - round stables - best schools of old Moscow - what does Prechistenka and Ostozhenka mean - Revolutionary battles of 1917 - best Russian art nouveau buildings.

    From Mayakovskaya to Arbat

    Tired of usual tourist attractions? Want to see places where local people live and walk? Then thats what you really need. Mayakovsky and his square - electric theater of Khanzhonkov - theatrical biomechanics of Meyerhold - Bulgakovs mysteries - Patriarshiye Ponds - cursed lands - Italian palazzo in Moscow - Foreign Ministry mansion, Moscow gothic - Houses of top brass of the Cold War - devilish stream under the ground - Russian art noveau mansions - Moscow battles of 1917 - fountain with potable water - Moscow boulevards.

    Moscow Metro

    Moscow Metro as an ideal Soviet world - Communist Youth at Metro construction - petrified remains in decorations - heroic mosaics - internationally recognized engineering masterpieces - Soviet ideology and Stalin - bomb shelter - shelter to survive in nuclear attack - Egyptian motifs - Palace of the Soviets - metro during the Second World War - doubled lines - special equipment - many other exciting facts and views. A lot of old photos and videos (!).

    VDNKh - the All-Russian Exhibition Center

    The ideal retro-futuristic Soviet oasis in the present megapolis Agricultural Exhibition - ideal Soviet village - representations of all Soviet republics - old photos and videos - swamps and ponds - mysteries of Soviet architecture - best Soviet achievements from 1930s and 1950s - monument to Stalin and rocket of Gagarin - unfulfilled projects - unique Soviet panoramic cinema of the 1950s. Strongly recommended to those willing to plunge into Soviet Moscow.


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